How To Stop Procrastination Now!

This is the how it all NEVER GETS STARTED!

Tomorrow I will Rock It, Today I Will Watch A Movie and Order In! I Deserve IT.

By Alex4Real

By Alex4Real

I have been up and down and all around the block, end up going in the forest during the day and at night, and you know what? I always end up at the same damn place! The beginning. Why? Why do we avoid doing what will put our kids through college? Why would we prefer watching 100 movies in a year and say that there is no time to start your very own business?


Let Me Tell You Why

Because we don’t yet understand that we aren’t supposed to listen to that inner voice which hounds us to do what we need to do and then it’s that same voice that hounds us to do it later.

“I know now that I just need to start eliminating, cleaning our lives of so many things, tech that was created with one main objective in mind, to distract us from what we need to do or are doing and to guide us into a better path, one where THEY could control us down a funnel and eventually pulling out our credit card”

Marketing uses new techniques where most of us don’t stand a chance against the selling techniques that confront us like opposing troops looking to annihilate the little will power, we may have built during the morning because we ran 45 minutes on the treadmill and then had a fresh cup of organic Columbian Coffee. Then BAM! 

An E-mail with the solution to all our problems. ( Another one of those!)

I say to myself “Let me just quickly check it out”, BANG, you’re dead!


Knowing how to stop procrastination now begins with today.

not opening up one single e-mail this morning, afternoon or this evening until you do what you need to do!

The biggest AVOIDANCE is probably exactly what you need to do first. I said first. I SAID FIRST!

All the rest pushed aside like pushing it off a cliff and not even thinking about it. Do what need to be done first, FIRST!


Do I really want to do this?

Probably not, because you are still programmed to not want to do it because you are linking it to boredom and some type of pain or discomfort. Think of the main reason you’re doing it in the first place, Financial Freedom? Psychological Freedom? Passion? Helping?

Whatever the reason, just realize that it is possible to feel more motivated right now by just practicing the art of HOW TO STOP PROCRASTINATION, there is NO ONE WAY.

How to Stop Procrastination STEP BY STEP PLAN!



The only reason YOU are still reading is for this part! So, let’s get to it!


  • Stand in front of the mirror and just look at yourself for 60 seconds straight, and say to yourself in the mirror as clear as possible as to what you will do next after you walk away from the mirror. BE CLEAR! I will walk away from the mirror and walk straight to my laptop and do 1 Blog of 1000 words and I will stay there until I finish. Once done, reward yourself!


  • Repeat this again only when you know that realistically you have enough time for the task and that realistically you could finish the task. Repeat Step 1 only 3x per day! Once in the MORNING, once in the AFTERNOON and once in the EVENING.


  • Do not drink a good cup of coffee and then make a decision. Haven’t you noticed that when we drink coffee we feel great and life is beautiful and we make all these promises to TAKE ACTION or buy something we aren’t supposed to buy or say we are going to do something and then once the caffeine kick wears off the PROTECTIVE SLAVE BRAIN kicks in and tells us to maybe think about it, and it is great at coming up with all the excuses, sorry, I meant reasons to not go through with what we said we were going to do.


  • Plan your day without coffee at first and then you could sip a cup to help you with your planned task!


Short and sweet people to start doing  what we say we will do and enough times per day to start building a realistic habit and in just 1 week you will do things that it has taken you years to do and the great thing about it is that after a month of following through on this HOW TO STOP PROCRASTINATION annihilation plan, you will know that when you say you’re going to do something, you’re practically gone jump up and down because you now believe in yourself once more.


Light will begin to shine in front of you and let me tell you FIRST HAND that it feels FanFunFreakingly Awesome because I did it right now and this blog has been put off for much to long! So easy and so practical.

So, for today I told my brain to step the fudge back because I’m here now, and I am here to stay!



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