Feel Better Now!

7 simple tactics to do right now that will guarantee you the happy feeling!


Many times we hear about happiness being within our mind and thats all fine and it’s great to find ourselves through reading and learning but I feel it’s just Fine and Dandy to go out and do a few things you KNOW YOU LOVE AND ENJOY! So why not?


Take a Shower! This is by far one of the most overlooked all natural, free simple and practiacaly free action you can take right now ( if your’e home ) and it will cleanse you of the bad and recharge you with the goodness that we all need.

“Get a special bar of soap just for the quick pick me up showers!”

A Pick Me Up Special Shower could be something so motivating and many of us take them for granted, switch it up, change it around, get a small shower hear radio and leave it on your favorite station. 

“the power of feeling better is connected to a thought and through an action you will give that happy thought life”


Get out of the House! Get some fresh air! Just go out and do something different, fun or special for you. Don’t do the 2 in 1 situation and run some sressful errands and making long lines or paying some bills. 

The idea is to go out and in your mind you know and have decided that you are outside because it is for you, because you need it and because you are special and this is why you are going outside. 

It could be having a simple Toasted Muffin with your favorite hot or cold drink in a place you don’t normally go to. A pecial place to read and relax and just take a breather! Feeling Better is a lot easier than it’s deemed to be!


This one might be controversial for many but super cool for many as well! 

Depending what decade you were born in, let’s say the 80’s, then go on youtube and look for Saturday Mornings in the 80’s or 90’s or 70’s, you get the message and sit back and enjoy typical cartoons and commercials from when you grew up!

You are going to love this so much! It opens up so many lost memories and happy ones from these commercials which many of us have totally forgotten and this experience makes me feel fantastic, like a kid again.

 I especially fo it on Saturday mornings to start my Saturday right and what if? Just, what if you got your hands on a box of one of your favorite cereals like Captain Crunch and got the biggest bowl in your house and filled it up with your Kids cereal and just set aside 45 minutes for this super fun treat and guaranteed to make you Feel Better Now! 

“I love feeling like a kid again.”

So go ahead and make your Saturdays magical once again!




Another controversial one! How about going outside and saying Good Morning to 3 total strangers! 

 Saying hello to 3 total strangers may be a normal everyday thing if you live in a friendly town but it may be a bit more challenging if you live in a big city where many of us live on the defensive.

It,s simple, jump on a bus and say Good Morning to the bus driver or jump on a train and say Good Morning to the people around you, making eye contact with them. They will either respond or look at you and say nothing. It’s all ok. 

The focus is to break the mold, to dare your self a bit, to make someones day! to make your day!

At first this might or will make you feel a bit uncomfortable but I guarantee you that after a few consecutive days of this excercise you will feel human again and realize that greeting wether it be morning, afternoon or evening is a fantastic humanizing excercise.  

“Feel Better Now by interacting “

So go ahead and give it a shot and you won’t regret it, who knows, you just might make a new friend!


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