Educator, Motivator,.and Blogger.

Spreading Inspiration Through Unparalleled Action

It is ok to remind ourselves to be and feel grateful with the smallest details and gifts that we may receive in our daily lives. 

We are Motivation10xer’s and this means that we think outside the box. 

We are a growing breed and our essence for being here is to be the best we could possibly be and through action and change can our fellow brothers and sisters join in the revolution.

Educator, Motivator,.and Blogger.

The Need To Face Our Fears So As To Grow

I am on a path of self development fused with adrenaline and high levels of serotonin.

This is the best possible way to describe myself for now, an explorer of self, a traveller of realms, and leader of a Tribe which I yet to form.  


When Should I Face My Fears?
Always 100%
Cups Of Coffee
Productive Hours
Completed Tasks

Get Motivated And Be Ready For The Obstacles!

Alex Bobadilla, Blogger, adventurer, but mostly dad.

I consider myself simple person with tons of energy and inspiration. Through my past and current lifestyle changes I would like to give you all the information, programs, education and fat loss protocols that have helped me and I will touch on these topics in detail since I have ungergone them hoping that I could change someones life for the better and reach a Peak Lifestyle.


for my readers...

Motivating, Doing, Daring, to offer you my countless hours of research on the power in taking action in different aspects of your lifestyle. Mind-set, Reviews on Making Money Programs, Investing Money, Reviews on Self Development Programs, Fastest Way To Lose Fat and so much more!


For my kids...

I am just a regular dude that grew up in Queens, New York. Now a dad to both my kids and what a better way for them to really get to know me than by blogging about my daily activities which i have done, which i am doing and have plans for in the near and distant future!

Life Only Gets Better
Alex Bobadilla
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